Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Sales and Store Hours

February Pink, Yellow and Teal Tags will be on sale

Hi Everyone,
Now that it is February and even though it will be cold and wet it is time to think about Spring with lighter weight coats and sweaters.
Beginning February 19th through February 23rd there will be a dot sale. Anything deemed by the shop owner(me) as winter will have a dot on the tag, so not just the weekly 50% tag will be on sale.
Since I am on the subject of color tag sales in February: 

Feb.5-Feb.9 Pink tags will be 50% off.
Feb.12-Feb 16 Yellow will be 50% off.  
Feb 19-Feb 23 Teal will be 50% off.

Now along with the dot winter clearance sale store hours will be shorter for the week of February 19th through February 23rd opening at 11AM and closing at 4PM.
During the week of the dot clearance sale there will be No consignments accepted.
 Becky will be working that entire week so please do not bring items in for consignment, Becky really does not like to turn you away but the bossy owner has spoken.
The following week of February 26th the shop will be closed, this gives me time to give the shop a real cleaning and organize for the new season.
Starting March 5th I will be taking spring items for consignment and business hours resume as usual.
For those of you who have pick up dates during the week of February 26, the following week of March 5th will be just fine.

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