Norma Jean’s offers you an upscale boutique environment to consign your high end and contemporary designer items.

Please come and enjoy a pleasant experience in a clean, well organized and friendly environment.

Norma Jean’s accepts women’s clothing and accessories for consignment from 10am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Your items should be in excellent condition, freshly laundered, on hangers, season appropriate and in current style.


Please call Norma Jean's for Season Appropriate Items for consignment. Consignment hours are Monday-Friday 10-4 and Saturday 10-3. Sizes XS to 2X only. Bring a limit of 15 of your best up to date items, clean, pressed, in good repair and on hangers. Your items must be ready for the floor.

Items accepted will be in the store for 60 days and subject to sales, priced by Norma Jean's Closet. The consignment sales split will be 60-40 and you will be signing a contract of which you will have a copy. You will receive a receipt stating the number of items which were accepted.

The contract states that Norma Jean's Closet can not be held responsible for THEFT, FIRE or ACCIDENTS to your items. These type of incidents are unpredictable and legally hard to prosecute.

Norma Jean's takes pride in selecting upscale items, pricing items competitively to sell, keeping them clean and organized. Any concerns must be addressed when the contract is signed.