Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top 10 Tips for Shopping Consignments

Designer Fashion Depreciates
Consider buying luxury consignment items instead to supplement your wardrobe. You'll be buying a depreciated item -- you won't lose value and you could actually make money when you resell. Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin shoes retain the most value. Contemporary brands like Trina Turk do not retain value.

Clean Your Closet Each Season
If you do, you can make hundreds, maybe thousands from items you have in your closet. If you wait too long, your items will lose their resale value. Very few items are really collectible vintage -- they're just old.

Don't Follow Trends
Buy what you love. Spot a great mini that you can't live without? Buy it -- it's a staple.

Know Your Body Shape
Buy silhouettes, shapes and colours that are flattering to your figure. If you're petite, stick with classic cuts that won't overwhelm your small frame or if you have a small waist, go for an A-line skirt and nipped-waist blazer.

Buy End-Of-Season
You can already expect to save 70 per cent, but at the end of the season, items will be marked down even lower.

Alter Clothing
If you find a fabulous piece that isn't exactly right for your body, remember you can always have it altered to elevate your look.

Know Your Size
A pair of Manolos will fit differently than a pair of Louboutins.

Price It Out
The best pieces are usually the most expensive. Think of it as an investment rather than a splurge.

Get Experience
The more experience you have in buying and selling pieces, the wiser you'll become for your next purchase. Familiarize yourself with brands that fit your body and your personal style aesthetic.

src: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/10/12/10-online-shopping-tips_n_1962638.html


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